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Nom's Relaxing Music

Why relaxing music ? Well, that’s because it is what music for me. It takes me to the world where the sound itself speaks almost like telling us stories. My main genre as an artist is instrumental hip hop and electronic music. My favorite kind of instrumental hip hop is chillhop especially lo-fi hip hop since you can see that i make that a lot. I usually combine acoustic instrumental instrument like guitar or piano with simple melody and electronic beats to create relaxing music with a memorable vibe.

Most of all, my main inspiration of creating music is video game and anime soundtracks which i usually listen a lot during my freetime. I makes music based on everyday moment like enjoying morning coffee or walking in pouring rain, while i’m trying play with the emotions and memories of the listeners. You can listen to my tracks on music platforms such as spotify, soundcloud, itunes, deezer, youtube, and many more. Hope you guys enjoy my music and keep supporting me !

About Me

Fajar Nugroho, passionate music composer and independent artist known as “Nom”. He’s been making music since 2013 with wide variety of genre such as electronic, jazz, orchestra, chiptune, etc. His main instrument are guitar and keyboard and very passionate in making soundtracks especially for games. Most of all, his style of music is heavily inspired by japanese game composer or anime composer like Junichi Masuda, Yoko Shimomura, and Yuki Hayashi.

As an artist called Nom, he usually make relaxing music that combines acoustic in addition with a touch of electronic music. Usually he make instrumental hip hop especially chillhop or lo-fi hip hop and electronic music. He always tried to tells a message through his music like telling stories to the listeners. So far, Nom already released a couple of EPs which you can listen here.

What Others Say About My Music :

Nom’s music makes you feel happy. It makes you feel some kind of nostalgia that you can’t explain… He’s extremely underrated and I hope more people can be touched by his music the same way I have -Ambition Youtube Channel


Music Curator - Ambition Youtube Channel

Cute and comfy! -Park Bird Soundcloud

Park Bird


your tunes are very comforting and they help me out when i’m stressed out -Mich Soundcloud



You have a kind of music specific to you, there are none who do music like you. Continue to make people happy with your musics <3 -PLEEG Soundcloud



A passion driven artist who stays true to himself -Cozy Youtube Channel


Music Curator - Cozy Youtube Channel

If you like my works and want to support me, you can check out my patreon page. You can do it by clicking the button below :

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