Music Composer for Hire

Are you looking for music composer for hire ? Therefore you are on the right track ! I’m a versatile music composer that can create almost any music genre especially for your project. Including :

  • Electronic
  • Acoustic
  • Jazz
  • Hip-hop
  • Orchestra
  • Ambience
  • Chiptune
  • Others

Action / Battle Soundtracks

Nom Tunes - Music Composer

Fantasy / Orchestral Soundtracks

Nom Tunes - Music Composer

Relaxing / Casual / Emotional Soundtracks

Nom Tunes - Music Composer


There are 2 pricing options based on the license and you can choose either one based on your need. Here’s the pricing details :


Per Minute of track

  • All genre Of music
  • Almost all instrument available
  • Any complexity
  • Money back policy
  • Almost unlimited revision
  • Exclusive license


Per Minute of track

  • All genre Of music
  • Almost all instrument available
  • Any complexity
  • Money back policy
  • Almost unlimited revision
  • Exclusive license

Reasons Why you should Hire me as Your music composer

1. I’m very versatile and flexible music composer for hire, while i can basically do any music genre of your choice.

2. Experienced especially as a video game music composer. I also can work on sound effects in addition of creating adaptive video game music with FMOD Studio.

3. While being a music composer for video game, film and animation, i also make music as an independent artist. Therefore i already have audience and have my own style. Also check out my Spotify and Soundcloud artist account or my albums here.

4. Finally, I work with customer happiness in mind. Therefore, i guarantee your satisfaction and i will provide almost unlimited revision until you are satisfied. While you are dissatisfied with my work, you can have all your money back.

Nom Tunes - Relaxing Music

Do you have any question or ready to hire me as your music composer ?

What Our Customers Say :

Nom quickly provided an excellent quality track which fit our project perfectly, he is pleasant to deal with and communication is good. We’ll be looking to work with Nom again soon for more Nippon Marathon music! -Onion Soup Interactive


Director - Onion Soup Interactive

Nom, did a great job with the music for Trenchfoot. The song came out great, he was very responsive and turned everything around quickly! -CoCompadres

Matthew Manno

Director - CoCompadres

affordable and reliable, talented and easy to work with. You may not know him but I highly recommend hiring him for his services. I insist. -Strashiner Studio

Darrel Wijaya

Director - Strashiner Studio

Nom Tunes has been an integral part in out game development where music is paramount for our game. Each and every tunes were designed to match our needs. He will definitely remain our key member for the future project. –What Are You Stupid

Yin Fei

Game designer - Beat-Fu Studio

About Me

Fajar Nugroho, passionate music composer and independent artist known as “Nom”. He’s been making music since 2013 with wide variety of genre such as electronic, jazz, orchestra, chiptune, etc. His main instrument are guitar and keyboard and very passionate in making soundtracks especially for games. Most of all, his style of music is heavily inspired by japanese game composer or anime composer like Junichi Masuda, Yoko Shimomura, and Yuki Hayashi.

As an artist called Nom, he usually make relaxing music that combines acoustic in addition with a touch of electronic music. Usually he make instrumental hip hop especially chillhop or lo-fi hip hop and electronic music. He always tried to tells a message through his music like telling stories to the listeners. So far, Nom already released a couple of EPs which you can listen here.

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